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Maximizing Generator Efficiency with Gasify Carburetor

Hey there, are you tired of the skyrocketing fuel prices and the constant need to refuel your generator? We feel your pain. But fear not, because Gasify Carburetor is here to revolutionize the way you power your generator. In this guide, we'll show you how to increase the efficiency of your generator using Gasify Carburetor, so you can save money and enjoy uninterrupted power supply. Let's get started!

Understanding the Challenge

We all know how essential generators are in Nigeria, especially with the frequent power outages. However, traditional generators can be expensive to run and are not always fuel-efficient. The recent removal of fuel subsidy has worsen the situation for everyone and its becoming unbearable to fuel generator when a litre of petrol cost about ₦‎520. That's where Gasify Carburetor comes in. It is specifically designed to optimize fuel usage and increase the overall efficiency of your generator, helping you save money on fuel costs.

How Gasify Carburetor Works

Gasify Carburetor utilizes dual fuel technology, allowing your generator to run on both petrol and (cooking) gas. By using gas as a supplementary fuel, you can significantly reduce your dependence on expensive petrol. Our carburetor efficiently mixes the gas and air, ensuring optimal combustion and improved performance.

Benefits of Gasify Carburetor

Cost Savings: With Gasify Carburetor, you can enjoy significant savings on fuel costs. Gas is generally & currently more affordable than petrol, 1KG of Gas will last you for about 4 hours, this allow you the opportunity to reduce your fuel budget drastically.

Extended Generator Runtime: Gasify Carburetor enhances the runtime of your generator. It allows you to get more hours of power from the same amount of fuel, ensuring that you have electricity for longer periods without interruption.

Generator KVAAvg. Hours on 12.5kgCost of 12.5kg Cooking GasPetrol cost for same Avg. Hours
1 KVA170hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎24,750
2 KVA85hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎24,750
3 KVA57hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎24,750
4 KVA43hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎26,950
5 KVA34hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎28,050
6 KVA28hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎24,970
7KVA24hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎24,970
8 KVA21hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎26,400
9 KVA18hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎23,650
10 KVA17hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎24,950
11 KVA15hrs₦‎5, 000₦‎24,750
Generator running time rate using Gasify Carburetor with 12.5kg LPG (Gas)

Environmental Friendliness: As Nigerians, we have a responsibility to protect our environment. Gasify Carburetor promotes cleaner and greener energy consumption by reducing harmful emissions and minimizing our carbon footprint.

In short, Gas is cheaper, safer, greener, cleaner & always available = more value for less money.

Installation and Usage

Installing Gasify Carburetor is a straightforward process, and it can be done by our qualified & certified installer or technician. Once installed, all you need to do is ensure a steady supply of gas and follow the operating instructions provided. It's that simple!

Note: Once you buy from approved/registered store/distributor, or our approved installers, professional installation is free.

Real-Life Example

Imagine this: you're hosting a big family gathering, and suddenly, the power goes out in the middle of the night with no fuel station working. But thanks to Gasify Carburetor, you can simply plug your cooking gas to your generator and it keeps running smoothly, powered by affordable gas. Your guests are impressed by the uninterrupted power supply and the stress/money you've saved on fuel costs.

Safety Concern

If Safety has always been your major concern with this configuration. And you're wondering if you can you sleep with your two eyes closed with this setup, especially if the thought of an explosion just scares you. We are happy to inform you that:

All safety measures were checked thoroughly and its SON certified. And as a matter of fact Gas generators or Gasify Dual Fuel/Hybrid Conversion kit has been on existence since before now. It's only becoming relevant as it's solving a real time problem everyone in Nigeria has right now: the hike in fuel price.


By incorporating Gasify Carburetor into your generator, you can unlock the true potential of your power supply. With increased efficiency, cost savings, and reduced environmental impact, Gasify Carburetor is the perfect solution for Nigerians looking to optimize their generator performance. Upgrade your generator today, join the energy revolution, and experience the benefits of Gasify Carburetor. Stay powered, stay efficient, and stay ahead with Gasify!

Note: Gasify Carburetor is suitable for a wide range of generator models. To ensure the best results, consult a qualified installer or technician for installation and usage guidelines specific to your generator.

Remember, together we can make a difference and create a more sustainable and energy-efficient Nigeria.

Power up with Gasify Carburetor, the smart choice for generator efficiency!

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